Andy Benavides is a native of San Antonio. He graduated from Burbank High School, San Antonio College, and the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising Art. As an undergraduate in Denton, TX he had the opportunity to be mentored under internationally recognized artist Rob Erdyle. He has studied in New York, Switzerland and Oaxaca where he continued to refine his education in art. Upon graduation from UNT, he worked as a designer/illustrator in an advertising agency in Dallas. Realizing his calling was home in San Antonio, Benavides moved back in 1991 and worked as a scenic painter and freelanced advertising accounts for local businesses.

His other passion as a picture framer, he officially opened Benavides Picture Framing in 1995. While simultaneously providing custom framing for the San Antonio art community, Benavides was also in demand as a scenic contractor and set designer. In 1996 he established BZ Designs Inc. and in 1997 moved into the 1906 S. Flores space where he opened the ONE9ZERO6 Gallery. As someone who recognizes he could not have traveled as far as he has without the support, encouragement, and advice from his many mentors, Andy took great pride in establishing informal student workshops.  Benavides’ mentorship program allows young artists to develop their areas of creative interest and demonstrates how to market their creations in a real world setting. In 2006 he established S.M.A.R.T. (Supporting Multiple Arts Together ) a not for profit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness of the developmental impact of the arts on our city. 

His diverse interests are balanced through his continued passion for the arts. As an active contemporary artist, he utilizes his sincere exploration of his mediums with experiential concern.

Benavides has three dogs, 7 fish, and two cats. His inspiration comes from his wife Yvette and son Agusto. He makes San Antonio his permanent home.