Artist Statement

The day ends with stories told to my two year old, by his mother, reminiscing about the day’s events, I lay with them in the dark. He responds with key words based on her descriptions, attentive to the details. At the same time in the same room I think about an artist statement fumbled with ideas like the process of creating art. All at the same time they are practical activities for me to decipher. A general statement about the science of art.

I’ve always struggled with putting in words this process of making art. The best results typically in my art had no real grounding when they were started. An idea, emotion, event, and or experience led to the systematic study of my surroundings and me. Then discovery, listening for the right combination, feeling for the right touch, breathing for the perfect breath. The process begins and the possibilities are endless.

What I have learned through material experimentation is chances must be taken by breaking the rule of traditional material use; as a result tradition seems unadventurous. I choose process over result. The process for each project is approached with attentiveness to detail and never disregarding the interaction of my environment, be it the person walking into the studio, the cat brushing up against me, the sounds of the music from our neighbor’s radio, or my boy expressing “daddy making art.“

Each event has its significance in the process. Understanding that, I study the behavior and structure of the physical and experiential. Through this observation gives me the cliché “Artistic Freedom “ to break the rules and find answers through the experiment, like a scientist. I am always cautious of the word, too literal for describing the visual.