Artist Statement

Andy Benavides's work reflects the idea that events in his life offer significance and opportunity.Benavides identifies process as the primary ingredient when developing his works. He understands that the opportunity stems from studying the behavorial structure of the physical and experiential. The honesty in his work typically results from a spontaneous approach to the topic at hand. An idea, emotion, event, and or experience inspire the systematic study of his surroundings, which lead to his interest in discovery. The process begins and the possibilities are endless.

Benavides seeks to be inspired by the past, present and future. His goals are to develop works that create sensory experience through the use of various experimental mediums. His emphasis on process allows for works to develop without preconceived ideas resulting in experiences that reflect the honesty in his approach. His constant emergence in his works allows him to be active in identifying the variables in the development of his studies as they mature into works that become layered through acknowledgement of the human senses. Ultimately his selections of these sensory experiences are layered and translated into a format that demands the attention of his viewer. Benavides never wants to produce works that keep him in one particular style of work. For him, diversity in use of his materials and mediums holds the strength for defining him as a contemporary artist.